Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Weighty issues, losing weight before the wedding

Many of my brides comment "and I plan to lose 15 lbs before the wedding" and the truth is so many of them don't beed to. If you are going to diet be sensible and realistic about this endeavor.

1. Don't try and lose more than 2 sizes in 6 months.

2. Don't order a dress 2 sizes smaller even if you plan to lose 2 sizes because even if you do, your hips may remain an 8 even though your chest is a 4 and guess what, that size 4 dress (which was really an 8 or 10 bridal size anyways) won't fit you, and then you end up really sad and without a dress that fits.

3. There is a reality that many people gain and not lose weight when they are stressed. Getting married is a very stressful process for not just most people, but everybody! So if you are a stress eater it may not be realistic for you to lose weight at all.

If you do decide to lose weight, here are some tips that will really help you succeed.

1. Weight Watchers- the group nature and changing of eating habits this plan provides teaches you not just how to lose weight but how to keep it off.

2. work out more- it works! it is a miracle, keeps you healthy and your skin and body look better!

What not to do-

1. Diet plans that you buy food for.... These plans don't teach you how to eat and they don't teach you how to prepare your own food. The people I know and clients I have had use these plans often gain the weight they lost back in a number of months off the plan, and no one wants to eat food out of a package forever.

2. Diet plans that are too restrictive. Lets be honest, no sugar ever again... this is not realistic. I had a bride do the South Beach Plan and she couldn't stick to it as a lifetime diet change. No surprise, it is a very strict regimen. She gained all her weight and more back by her first anniversary.

If you plan to diet, do it for yourself and your health and choose a plan and a regime that improves your lifestyle not just what goes into your mouth for the next few months. Create a realistic goal, and remember, your fiancee is marrying you now, they love you for who you are regardless of your size, and you should love yourself no matter your size too.

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