Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mascara, how I love thee.... a bridal necessity

Mascara is a must.  If you are getting married and don't normally wear it, or fear the twisty wand that brings such wonderment to your eyes, get ready, you need it for your wedding day.  Nothing completes the face more than mascara.
I am one of those folks who buys all the newest mascara and gives it a good college try.... at least 5 applications.  
You need at least 5 applications because many brushes take a while to break in, and work correctly as well as the mascara finally gets properly primed on the brush.

The number 1 rule!!!! You must wear waterproof mascara.  I have heard numerous times, but I won't cry and my favorite isn't made in waterproof..... No! waterproof is demanded.  All those brides were really happy they went with the waterproof.  Even if you don't think you will cry, 1. you might anyway, 2. what if something gets in your eye and you start to tear? 3. what if it rains spontaneously (clearly the dress and your hair will also be in disrepair in this situation) ;).  4.  Sometimes you touch your face and waterproof doesn't smear! Its a miracle.

Here are a few mascaras I have found lately that I love and are worth a try.
(in no particular order)
Volume and length
1. Voluminous by Loreal- It is a good standby, thickens and lengthens simultaneously, can be a bit clumpy.  The trick is to brush on the mascara. then clean the brush by drawing the wand through tissue paper, (read t.p. or Kleenex) then brush back over the still wet lashes to avoid clumping.

Volume and Definition
2. Max Factor Volume Couture-  Plastic brush creates excellent definition, the trick is to break this brush in and you have to get used to the plastic brush, you may poke yourself in the eye the first few times, but it is worth it! A great product.

Volume, Length, and Curl
3. Max Factor Lash Lift- I think this is my all around favorite, replacing he pink and green tube staple.  It is a fabulous all around mascara, it creates definition, lift, and length, it coats well for night time, comes in waterproof and is inexpensive. 

Volume, Length, and new brush
4. Rimmel Eye Magnifier- Interesting plastic brush, requires that you twist while applying the mascara, but creates amazing lengthening, and almost false lash look. 

Volume, Length, and Fabu Smell
5. Dior DiorShow Mascara- I add this not because I love it, because honestly I think the brush is stupid big, but it is a good mascara and so many people love it.  I think it is good for people with huge eyes or something, I do however love the rosewater smell, and actually use an old Volume Couture (Max Factor) brush in mine and really like the results.

Volume, Length, funny name
6. Imju Fiberwig-  This is the new "it" product in mascaras.  Lengthening fibers create good overall balance of length and volume.  Like Rimmel, can create false lash look, created for the Asian market.  Asian eyelashes tend to be straight and shorter, so if you  have longer curvier lashes, expect very visible results. (Sephora exclusive)

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