Thursday, November 6, 2008

National Womens Business Town Hall Meeting Today

I attended the National Women's Business Council Town Hall Meeting today at the Hotel Nikko in San Francisco.  It was an interesting event.
We talked about the issues facing women business owners and how we can try to effectively lobby the federal government to provide us with better services and resources.  
I felt like we were making some sort of dent into the myriad of issues women businesses face.  In particular I wanted to share that I feel women in business are still a rarity, that women still rarely rise to the top, and that this is a problem.  Many women at the event spoke about the health care issues, taxes, capitalization, and other problems affecting us as business owners.  
I hope you all take heart that we are an important part of the workforce and that you should go out of your way to support women owned businesses, like mine! 

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