Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bloomingdales- a must for registries

I love Bloomingdale's.
Those little brown bags make my heart go all aflutter.
When it comes to registering for gifts I can't recommend highly enough choosing Bloomingdale's as your store and home for your home products.
Bloomingdale's offers superior customer service to you and your guests in particular it is hands, feet, and all other limbs, above their sister Federated Department Store company, starts with an M ends in an Y'S.
Here is why I recommend you register at my beloved Bloomie's.

Superior customer service-
many people ask, what is this customer service thing, it isn't that important? Let me tell you.
I have had some issues with a manufacturer sending me the wrong plate, Lynn Roberts at the Stanford Home Store has spent 2 and a half years working with the manufacturer directly to get me this plate. I did not have to argue with her, she has been my advocate with the company and has done her job spectacularly. I can't think of another store where employees would go out of their way like this to make a customer happy and to get them what they want. Not only that, I get updated with sales and promotions, and I have a friendly shining representative eager to help me with all my client, and bridal purchases for the rest of my life! They actually care about me! What an amazing rarity in this world.

Here is why people think they shouldn't register at Bloomies-

Their inventory is small... what do I do?
No it is not! Almost anything that Macy's carries Bloomingdale's can place on your registry, in fact, did you know the lovely staff at the Registry counter can even purchase your gifts for you for other Federated department store registries. This means that you can register not just for what you see in the store, but a bevy of other merchandise.

There isn't a Bloomingdale's near me.
If you live so far away that you would never drive to one, then yes, perhaps you shouldn't register at Bloomies, but if you could potentially drive to one once or twice for exchanges, etc. then you should register at Bloomies. Don't fear, people will still buy you things from Bloomies. The reality is that no one shops in the store anymore for gifts. Most people shop online for gifts and therefore won't be dissuaded from buying items on your registry that they cannot see in person. And if they are dying to look at the item before purchase, I assume you are also registering at Crate and Barrel, Williams Sonoma, Target anyhow.

All I can say is give Bloomingdale's a gander, I have had a few clients initially (against my recommendations) register at Macy's and then decide to migrate their registries over because their experiences at that other store were so bad that they wanted to switch. In each case, the couple thought it was one of the best wedding decisions they made, and made the process of gift giving and receiving much easier for all.

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Missy said...

I wish that I knew this when I registered for our wedding. Instead, i went with Macy's and they are horrible. I did receive some gifts from Bloomie's and the customer service was fantastic. Great advice!!