Monday, November 24, 2008

Awesome Bridal Shower- Le Meridien

I just wanted to share that I was lucky enough to plan an awesome Bachelorette/Bridal Shower in San Francisco this weekend.
I wanted to thank everyone for attending and having such a great time.

Some cool things we did.
1. Toilet Paper Bride- I am bringing this game back..... You break up the party into teams, each gets two rolls of t.p. and about 5-10 minutes to construct a gown on a live model.  The bride then judges the best composition.  Someone from each team ala. Project Runway, has to explain their design inspiration, and how they feel this suits the bride.
The bride chooses a winner

2. Love Letter Mad Libs- 
There are a few of these online, you write a letter with fill in the blanks, they can either be non-sensical or thematic, such as cleaning products, food items, etc.  When the answers are put into place the letter reads smoothly, some creative results ensue that are hilarious.

Some Great Things-
The Georgetown Suite at the Le Meridien in San Francisco was an awesome room for a small gathering.  I was pleased with the location- right in the heart of the Financial District, and the awesome front office staff.  The room had two plasmas, a desk, and a big sitting room, unfortunately it is on the city view side, but things could be a lot worse.

Also note.... Travel Zoo ( offers screaming weekend deals a lot for this property.  It is also a Starwood associated resort, so you get your miles too!

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