Friday, December 19, 2008

Pearls are the hot jewelry for bridal 2009

Pearls go in and out of fashion in general (some may disagree) but in bridal they generally have a consistent following.
However this year... the trend is definitely towards pearls.... Diamond sparkle will always hold a place in my heart but larger pearl jewelry pieces are definitely making a statement in bridal.

1. Many layered ropes- super chic
2. Asymmetrical pearl ropes with diamond or accented asymmetrical pieces- awesome!

They have to be- layered... more than one strand.
look great i.e. not the cheapest fakes, but good news, real and fake pearls can look fabulous as low prices!

Another great tip- buy a single long strand 60 -100 inches. Then find a brooch. affix the brooch to the strand on an angle, this keeps the strands locked in a graduated fashion, and it is also awesome looking.... if they slide around, you can actually attach the brooch to your dress, keeping the pearls in place, and the brooch at the right angle.

Hint- if you go with a huge necklace, tone down the earrings and vice versa.

Here is a good start!

this is the style, but not the chains. although this is a cool necklace

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