Monday, December 15, 2008

Hot Trends in Bridal for 2009

Here are some hot new trends in Bridal for 2009

1. Dresses with sleeves! It's a miracle after years of just strapless dresses, I am starting to happily see the off the shoulder and halter make a major comeback this year.

2. Fit and Flare Dresses- They don't look great on everyone, but they are fabulous if you have a great body. See Anne Hathaway's dress in the new bride wars movie.

3. Trumpet Vases- Big bold trumpet vases are hot in a big way in floral. The style is finished with a clumping texture to floral instead of mixed floral varieties, creating a very bold statement.

4. Big Hair Pieces- Instead of a veil, large flowers, floral arrangements, jeweled arrangements, and combs are coming in style in a big way.

5. The Blusher is out- the blusher is out... Try a simple single layer veil.....

6. Comfy Shoes- Maybe I am biased, since shoes don't like me very much, but the reality is no one sees your shoes, and you stand all day... Try wedges or non-traditional light colored shoes.

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