Thursday, December 11, 2008

Budget Christmas Decor

So we are all scrimping a bit this season, and I ran across a fabulous idea for Christmas decorations all at Costco, one of the greatest stores!

Costco has the greatest handmade gift tags. They are so adorable, and really add an elegance to any package. They are approximately 8 dollars for 64 tags. I think you would be hard pressed to beat that price for the quality any where else. But, I came across a great idea. If you are really on a budget and wanted to add some pizazz to your tree but couldn't afford to shell the dough for whole new ornament sets, add these tags onto your tree. They have real ribbon holders attached and add flair and beauty to any tree.

Costco also has the most awesome ribbon selection. The ribbon is 6.95 for a 50 yard continuous roll of wired ribbon. I wrap all my packages in real ribbon instead of the sticky bow back types. People always comment on how beautiful my presents are and I really attribute it all to the extra 50 seconds and 10 cents I spent by using real ribbon....
They are super fab!